PALE RIDER, Original Clint Eastwood David Grove Rare International 1 Sheet Movie Cinema Poster

Pale Rider 2917LBPALE RIDER, 1985. Original Clint Eastwood rare international Int’l 1 sheet (27 x 41″) movie cinema poster starring Clint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgrass, written by  Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack and directed by Clint Eastwood. “International” means the poster was made in the United States, but was destined for international theaters. Another key difference between this poster and the standard US 1 sheet Pale Rider is the artist. This very rare poster destined for international cinemas was painted by David Grove (1940-2012) different from the US 1 sheet movie poster which was painted by C. Michale Dudash. David Grove was documented to have made his paintings by first making a detailed drawing that could take anywhere from a day to weeks. This piece of art would be transferred to Gesso board and then sealed. He used the Gesso as a guide for how to delicately apply the medium following the contours of the drawing. He would finish the piece by washing the Gesso medium on to the poster and rubbing it out at the same time. That is why the artwork is both subtly and deeply contrasting. (Ref. David Grove )

This very rare original international 1 sheet Pale Rider movie poster destined for cinemas in the 80s’, is in fine condition and does not have any major defects to speak of; however, there are a few minor ones which will be noted. Very light wear exists on the vertical fold line, the wear is a little harder on the horizontal fold lines with a pinhole size separation at the bottom cross fold. The upper right corner has some light crinkling on the margin.

Condition C8. Sold For $700 Linen Backed

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