PILLOW TALK, Original Doris Day Rock Hudson Movie Poster For Sale

Pillow Talk

PILLOW TALK, 1959. Original Dorris Day and Rock Hudson 1 sheet (27 x 41” / 68 x 104 cm) movie theater poster for sale starring;  Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, director Michael Gordon and screenplay by Stanley Shapiro, Maurice Richlin. This very classy romantic comedy has this highly collectible poster. Its value lies in the classy artwork that caters to hopeless romantics and the fact that the duo were magical together on screen. The film won an oscar for best screen play, story and overall writing, 5 other wins and 11 other nominations! The film is a classic that is still funny today.

This particular movie poster for the film is in good to fine condition and does show some minor but no major imperfections. There are pin hole sized holes scattered all throughout the margins with focus on the corners. It invades the artwork in some places, but there is no paper missing so each off these pin holes will vanish during the linen backing process. at the bottom of the poster there is some superficial dirty stains on the poster like it was stepped on. These will be entirely removed during linen backing and will no longer be evident afterwards. as such, the poster will legitimately grow in value following restoration.

Condition C7. Sold $675 Linen Backed

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