COMMANDO CODY ENEMIES OF THE UNIVERSE, Chapter 1 Sci-fi Movie Poster For Sale

Comando codyCOMMANDO CODY: ENEMIES OF THE UNIVERSE, 1955. Original chapter 1 sci-fi  1 Sheet (27 x 41) movie poster for sale starring Judd Holdren, Aline Towne, Gregory Gaye, director Fred Brannon and writer Ronald Davidson. This is Chapter 1  of 12 “Sky Marshal of the Universe” from the famous commando Cody serial. Bright and a-typical 50′s Sci-fi graphics on this old science fiction poster from the 50s.

Posters from serials typically have the exact same artwork which would have been considered a “Stock” poster. This poster would have a different title based on whichever new episode was released. This chapter 1 release is largely the most valuable and sought after chapter out of the 12. Stay tuned for the advance poster released for this serial called “Radar Men from the Moon”; another fantastic example of 50’s sci-fi movie poster artwork.

This particular original Chapter 1, Sky Marshal of the Universe: Commando Cody poster is in very good to fine condition. It does however demonstrate some minor and one major flaw. The minor flaws include scotch tape on the cross folds, some on the back of the poster and some discoloration at the top and bottom left corners in the margin . These will be removed prior to linen backing in 3rd quarter of 2014. Luckily this tape has not yet caused tape burn or any discoloration to the poster itself. The major flaw is on the bottom right corner; there is a 1 square chunk of paper gone. The rest of the artwork is like new and will jump up a grade following linen backing and the light restoration.

Condition C7. For Sale $1125

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