NOW ALL TOGETHER, Original Vintage WW2 USA 7th War Loan Poster

Now All Together, 1945. Original (26 x 37” / 85 x 121 cm) Linen Backed WW2 Poster issued for the 7th w. This poster, inspired by the raising of the United States flag on Iwo Jima, depicts soldiers hoisting the American flag in an act of patriotism. This poster is hugely symbolic because it was published just days after the defeat of Germany in Europe. Fearing the decrease in bond sales, this propaganda poster was distributed as an act of unison in urging people to fight all the way, “Now all together”. The 7th war loan was the penultimate Bond drive and was issued shortly after victory in Europe – it was the most successful Bond Drive of the was raising 26 billion dollars.

This poster is in good C6 condition and has been linen backed. These posters were often mailed out in small manila envelopes and were machine folded many times in order to fit! Traces of tape stains remain in all four corners. Ready to frame!

Condition C6 – Sold $475 Linen Backed

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