STAR WARS, Part IV Style C Original International 1 sheet Movie Poster George Lucas Harrison Ford For Sale

Star WarsSTAR WARS, Part IV: 1977. Original international style-C 1 Sheet movie poster starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Peter Cushing, and directed by George Lucas. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” According to the original print records, this poster was primarily for international distribution. Most of the posters were destroyed, but reports show that about 1000 of them were distributed to the general public with 100 of them having a PG ratings box. <Reference> because of this fact these style C posters tend to be more costly than all other original star wars style posters.

BEWARE OF FAKES. Tips for the buyer <Click Here>

  1. The red cloud around Han and Leia’s laser beam are darker in the original.
  2. There is a hair that was on the plate (shoulder of Leia and at the base of R2) when the fake was printed.
  3. skin tones on the fake or more orange than brown
  4. not 27 x 41 “
  5. “Too good to be true” deals.

This particular poster has some very interesting providence. It was acquired from a gentlemen who had his collection featured in the poster reference guide “Movie Posters of the 30’s” by Tony Nourmand. This poster along with the rest of his collection was acquired from dealers and reputable auction houses in the United States

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This poster is in fine condition and was linen backed sometime during it’s history. Prior to linen backing there was some wear along the fold lines that have since been touched up professionally. Outside of this, there poster is in wonderful condition.

Condition C8. Sold Linen Backed For $1210

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