TARANTULA, Original Vintage Horror/Sci-fi Paper Backed Movie Poster

TARANTULA, 1955. Original Window Card (14” x 22” / 46 x 72 cm) Paper Backed Window Card starring John Agar, Mara Corday and Leo G. Carroll. Directed by Jack Arnold and produced by William Alland. “Giant spider strikes!” “Crawling terror 100 feet high!” Keeping true to the popular 1950’s theme of giant monsters, Tarantula features a giant spider who escapes from a laboratory where experiments in gigantism are being performed. After escaping, the already giant spider grows to a tremendous size and wreaks havoc in the nearby town.

This poster originally had a one fold line down the center and has now been paper backed. This window card is in excellent C9 condition with very bright colors and no damage or stains, . This window card is untrimmed, and still shows the theater banner snipe with the location and show times. The banner has a visible tear, but was repaired during the paper backing process.

If giant spiders is what you are after, take a look at the poster for The Spider, or if spiders from outer space are more your thing, check out The Angry Red Planet or Missile to the Moon.

Condition C9. Sold $425

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